Cultural implications of cleavers technology




Vincent Mourre





Based on a comprehensive bibliographic review and on a systematical technologic analysis of cleavers key series from Sub-Saharan Africa (La Kamoa in Congo Democratic Republic and Isenya in Kenya), Northern Africa (Tihodaïne, Hassi Manda and Tachenghit in Algeria) and Southern Europe (El Sartalejo, Torralba and Ambrona in Spain ; Arros, Lanne-Darré and Campsas in France), this study aims to evaluate the respective roles of environmental constraints and cultural factors during cleavers making at Acheulian times. It leads to the recognition of predetermination evolution within Lower and Middle Pleistocene industries, and beyond that, to the definition of the specificities of Acheulian itself.

Keywords : cleaver, “flake-cleaver”, lithic technology, Lower and Middle Paleolithic, Acheulian, culture






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